Times for Combined Training at Firle Place

Please go straight over to Show Jumping when you are ready and if there is no queue.
You may be able to do a clear round after your round if times allows, please ask the Jump Steward.
Please walk the course at the beginning of the class as this can not be done once the class has started.

Time Class Number Rider Horse
Class 1 Show Jumping 9.15 – 11.15
09:00 1A 1 Ethan Joyce Goldie
09:06 1A 2 Mara Kelly Rosie
09:12 1A 3 Iris Edwards William
09:18 1A 4 Ellie Day Derek
09:24 1B 5 Hetty Roddis Claremont Quartet
09:30 1B 6 Eden Thompson Star Eclipse
09:36 1B 7 Bay Kelly Misty
09:42 1B 8 Florence Trace Sonic
09:48 1B 9 Charlotte Daw HMD BURLEY
09:54 1B 10 Taylor Thompson Star
10:00 1B 11 Penelope Moore Mini
10:06 1B 12 Elsie Copp Nynwoods Mirths Miracle
10:12 1B 13 Ottilie Day Nero
10:18 1B 14 Catherine Mansell Twyford Cedrus
10:24 1B 15 Maisie Bird Gucci
10:30 1B 16 Ava Hicken Monty
10:36 1B 17 Molly Brooks Lacey Tomos
10:42 1B 18 Ruby Oates Lucky
10:48 1B 19 Poppy Thompson Captain Allsorts
10:54 1B 20 Space
Class 2 Show Jumping 11.30 – 12.20
11:12 2 21 Ottilie Day Nero
11:18 2 22 Millie Turner Chester
11:24 2 23 Clara Thwaites Blackjack
11:30 2 24 Alexandra Mansell Jessie
11:36 2 25 Valentine Gage Spirit
11:42 2 26 Maddie Kennedy Jim
11:48 2 27 Sydney Wright Chip
11:54 2 28 Martha Bell Poppy
12:00 2 29 Eliza Williams-Thomas Brodie
12:06 2 30 Lily Hemsley Murphy
12:12 2 31 Space
Class 3 Show Jumping from 12.30 – 13.45
12:24 3 32 Jessica Marin Restrepo
12:30 3 33 Polly Biggins Pasha
12:36 3 34 Amelie De La Rosa Sally
12:42 3 35 Valentine Gage Spirit
12:48 3 36 Bella Thwaites Rosscon Jennifer
12:54 3 37 Elinor Steward Silver
13:00 3 38 Maddie Owen Poco Senorita
13:06 3 39 Isobelle Greatley Tisrara Dun
13:12 3 40 Roxy Swinnerton Diamond Geezer
13:18 3 41 Olivia Brooks Mr Bexx
13:24 3 42 Thea Oates Ricco
13:30 3 43 Space
Class 4 Show Jumping from 14.00 – 15.00
13:48 4 44 Lettice Schulz Malone’s Mate
13:54 4 45 Bridey Baldwin Watt Aunt Sally
14:00 4 46 Lily Musson Ballinduff Tom
14:06 4 47 Daisy Burgess Blackwell Fortune Teller
14:12 4 48 Jessica Haycock Morelands Cool Earl
14:18 4 49 Abby Beckett Mockbeggar Southener (Billy)
14:24 4 50 Jasmine Ward Mary
14:30 4 51 Samuel Greatley Lord
14:36 4 52 Megan Lillicrap Rushmore master william
14:42 4 53 Sophia Jeffery Messi
14:48 4 54 Bridey Baldwin Watt Percy
14:54 4 55 Space
Class 5 15.10 – 15.30
15:06 5 56 Lily Taylor Martin Roo
15:12 5 57 Tilly Appleyard Malone’s Mate
15:18 5 58 Space



at Firle Place, Firle, East Sussex, BN8 6LP

By kind permission of Lord and Lady Gage

Open to Pony Club members and associates only.

To be run under Pony Club Rules 2020. No entries taken on the day.

Refreshments available. LRG Phototgraphy. First Aid: Event Medic Services

ENTRIES TO BE MADE ONLINE VIA ‘MY RIDING LIFE’ https://myridinglife.com/eventdetails.aspx?id=343711

Entries close on Tuesday 27th April 2021 Any queries to Anne Cook, Email: c.cook578@btinternet.com, telephone 07795547712


Dressage Tests available to print off from the main Pony Club Head Office website.

Please bring your horse’s passport and vaccination records with you. All horses must

have a valid equine flu vaccination.



Dogs are allowed on a short lead and under the control of a responsible adult.

ENTRY FEE £14.00 per class

CLASS 1A Pony Club Walk & Trot Dressage Test 2013 One round Show Jumping – 20cms

LEAD REIN. Test may be called. Cross poles

CLASS 1B Pony Club Walk & Trot Dressage Test 2013 One round Show Jumping – 20cms

MAY BE ASSISTED BUT NOT LED. Test may be called. Cross poles

CLASS 2 Pony Club Walk & Trot Dressage Test 2013 One round Show Jumping – 40-50cms

MAY BE ASSISTED BUT NOT LED. Test may be called.

CLASS 3 Pony Club Introduction to Dressage Test 2019 One round Show Jumping – 60-70cms

Test may be called.

CLASS 4 Pony Club Grassroots Dressage Test 2018 One round Show Jumping – 80cms

Test may be called.

CLASS 5 Pony Club Novice Dressage Test 2020 One Round Show Jumping – 90cms

Test may not be called.


You will be given a number with your time. You need to print this off yourself and either put into your number bib or make your own back number with strings or you can use a bridle number .

Please visit My Riding Life for all Covid details

Dear Members, parents, proprietors, staff and volunteers

England and Scotland Lockdown

National COVID19 Restriction Summary5.3.21
Although the home nations are still under lockdown restriction in the UK, with the exception of
some islands, we are now seeing plans for us all to gradually come out of lockdown. It is very
important that you check the restrictions in your local area, in particular riding centres should
check with their insurance company and local authority for any local variation in national
Pony Club activities are not essential travel and are not permitted within a lockdown area where
sporting activities are prohibited or where essential travel only restrictions have been put in
place by local government. We are being asked to “Stay at Home” and only leave our homes for
essential reasons such as health, education, essential shopping, work that cannot be done from
home and exercise. Pony Club face to face activity is suspended in this lockdown phase.
Indications are that Pony Club activity can restart in England from the 29th March and Scotland,
for under 18s from the 15th March.
The UK Governments have issued a roadmap for the easing of restrictions in England:
COVID-19 Response – Spring 2021 (Summary) – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
Step One – part A: from 8 March
• Two people can meet outdoors to socialise
• All schools return
Step One – part B: from 29 March
• “Stay at Home” rule lifted; travel outside local area allowed, but advised stay local
• Rule of 6 for outdoor social gatherings: six people or two households can meet outdoors
• Outdoor sports facilities to open and organised sport allowed
Step Two: not before 12 April
• Non-essential retail can open
• Outdoor hospitality is permitted
• Self-contained accommodation hire permitted
Step Three: not before 17 May
• Many social contact restrictions lifted outdoors but restricted to a maximum social
gathering size of 30
• Rule of 6 for indoor social gatherings: six people or two households can meet indoors
• Indoor hospitality and hotels open
• Social Distancing advice reviewed
Step Four: not before 21 June
• All legal limits on social contact removed
Whilst we still remain in lockdown, the following lockdown restrictions continue to apply:
• Stay at Home
• Do not meet with other households
• You can leave home for:
o Work which cannot be done from home
o Education
o Health and caring responsibilities
o Local, Outdoor exercise
o Essential shopping
o Caring and exercising of an animal
• You may exercise on your own, with your household or with one other person.
• Leisure and sports facilities must close. Owners and carers can use a livery yard arena
to exercise their horse but facilities cannot be hired.
• Travelling horses should only be on welfare or veterinary grounds.
• Coaches are allowed to work and travel for 1:1 instruction at a client’s home but should
check their insurance before undertaking any teaching.
• Elite training and competition may continue (Pony Club is not classed as Elite)

In rallies maximum of 6 people in the one gathering e.g : 1 couch, 1 rally organiser/first aider, 4 members.

  • One group in an arena, paddock or field area. There will be no dividing of arenas.
  • Rallies must have 10-15 minute hand over period to allow members to leave the teaching area. The rally organiser will then indicate to the next session that the area is clear to enter.
  • Track and trace – names of all attending persons per vehicle/on foot to be registered by text/email to organiser on arrival.
  • Instructors/Officials are unable to lead or assist any members that need to lead.
  • Members must be tacked up and waiting beside their vehicle until called to avoid delay.
  • Parents are requested to stay clear of the teaching area, preferably in their own vehicles.
  • Only members of the same family should travel to the rally together. Only one member of the family to accompany the riding member and that siblings are left at home.
  • Coaches are asked to keep a 2m distance from the members, therefore stirrup length and girths must be checked by the accompanying person before starting the lesson. Instructors can only provide a visual check.
  • Do not help to poo pick and pole lifting, this will be done by the coach in the arena. However please ensure the area around your trailer/lorry is cleared before you leave.
  • Parking of vehicles must be at least 10 metres apart.
  • All attendees at the training must observe the 2 metre rule.
  • All payments for training must be made in advance online, no cash will be accepted on the day.
  • PPE will be provided for the first aider only. Please ensure you use hand washing or hand sanitiser before and after the session.
  • No Photography allowed on social media as requested by head office.
  • Please respect the venue we are using by not touching gates or fencing ect.. where possible. Be aware that there will no toilet facilities so must make your own provision for this.
  • No dogs

A massive well done to one of our long standing members Chloe Fry who won the Haddon Training Limited GBR Groom Award.

Chloe was nominated by Kitty King Eventing who Chloe has worked for a few years.  Kitty says ” Chloe is an invaluable member of a small team, The horses and i would be lost without her”

To read the full story please visit our facebook page.

Well done Chloe.

ODE June 30th Results

Well done to everyone that took part on Sunday. Also many…